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Creepin It Real for 23 Years

The Field of ScreamsMT is a once-a-year Halloween production that is a must-attend event for all ages.  Young or old, we guarantee a great time. Built on a 10-acre property this event will have you talking about your experience for years to come!

Providing haunts and fun in Western Montana since 2000.

We are your premier fall entertainment headquarters.
Life is not complete without a yearly visit to the Field!
Fun by Day, Scary by Night.

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When it comes to thrills, chills and non-stop action that will leave you begging for the end
to be near, Field of ScreamsMT delivers year after year with true horror.
This Halloween season, keep the tradition alive! 

Prepare yourself for the most disturbing, the most heart-pounding, and the most intense haunt of your life! 

Fun for all ages. Hayrides, slides & Hay bale fun, secret word find, mini corn maze, haunted walk w/ the lights on, Escape rooms, Gel blasters & more.

We’re back! Try our 13 min quick escape rooms. 3 Rooms to choose from.

Axe throwing, gel blasters, and more!
Our haunted attraction is designed with the thrill seeker in mind.  Being in the business for 20 plus years, we have mastered the art of the scare.  Start out walking through acres of cornstalks over your head, with the fear that at anytime something may jump out at you.  Go through fog- filled swamps, graveyards, clown infested playgrounds, and possibly get chased by an insane chainsaw man who has been haunting the fields every Halloween season.  Then to finish off this already terrifying nightmare make your way through our creepy ghost town which is included in the admission cost and is connected with the Field of Screams Haunt.  Come experience the thrill!
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We have been in the scare business since 2000 and have perfected our skills.  It is scary and that is how we like it.  We recommend ages 8 and up. We do sell Depends underwear for the extremely scared! Don’t forget about our Kids Adventures during earlier hours.  Perfect, non scary experience for the little ones.​​  Remember, it is a haunted attraction, if you get too scared to go thru then we are doing our job. No Refunds.

 No, and do not touch them please.  We encourage our haunters to stay at least  6 feet away for yours and their safety.

Our haunters are trained to help you out if you let them know.  Please do not cut through the corn on your own, wait for help please. No Refunds, it is a haunted attraction, if you get too scared to go thru then we are doing our job!

Dusk, just after the sun goes down and it is dark enough to decrease visibility. This is generally  7:30pm.  We recommend bringing  younger kids who would like to go through the haunting right at dusk. Remember, it is a haunted attraction, if you get too scared to go thru then we are doing our job.  No Refunds. 

About 15 minutes before closing.  We make exceptions on busier nights of course.

Night time only: Wednesday and Thursday nights are a great time to come out to avoid most lines. Friday and Saturday nights towards the end of October you may have to wait 1-2 hours. We are open rain or shine, ticket is valid all month with tab attached. We recommend you buy tickets online or buy a FAST PASS to avoid waiting in long lines. We are Montanas Premiere Haunted attraction and attract people from 200+ miles away.

We do our best to make it accessible and level for all. Remember it is located in the middle of a farm field and is a bit rough in places. There are a few tight areas. Some pathways are less than 30″. Total distance is over 1/2 mile.

 Yes, we sell candy bars, soda, glowsticks and Depends underwear. we also have popcorn, hot chocolate, and more. 

Yes, portable units are available onsite.

Yes, All Major  BUY TICKETS ONLINE before you come.

Lace up shoes are best, you will be walking through a cornfield.  Also dress warm, you are outside! Dress warm we do live in Montana. Bring a raincoat too!

About 20-40 minutes after you are let in at the main entrance.  We recommend a slow paced walk to avoid catching up to the group in front of you. It is up to you to social distance. Friday and Saturday nights are very popular and at times you may wait in line up to 2 hours. BE Prepared!

6-8 people max to allow for a scarier fun time.  We leave about a 1-2 minute gap between each group.So if you are with a larger group, split up into groups of 6 or less to make your scare experience the best.

Yes, please email us info  about your group at least a day in advance and we will offer a group

No….Please do not bring any!

Timed ticketing lets you choose what time you want to attend. Friday and Saturday nights have become extremely busy. Many busy parks have been using this and found it very effective.
If you cant make the scheduled time, go to your email with the receipt, there is an option to change your time or day. NOTE: Do this before the time slot you chose or ticket(s) will expire. 
Great question!  Credit card companies are brutal these days and they charge a percentage of the sale plus a per swipe fee.  In order for us to operate we have to add this fee to cover our extra costs. The other reason is massive inflation.

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